Reeding Matter

Reeding Matter

Insightful, informative and entertaining,...

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These are unsorted photos from...

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Repertoire for rare double ree...

Repertoire for rare double ree...

The ADRS has been blessed with...

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Australian players at IDRS Conference...

Australian players at IDRS Conference...

About 16 Australian Double Reed...

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Free Year Tertiary Education

Want to spend a year studying abroad in New Zealand for free? Follow the link to find out more!

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Repertoire for rare double reeds

The ADRS has been blessed with the generous gift of access to a repertoire of downloadable music for the rarer instruments of the double reed family by Jennifer Paull.

Read the article - with links to the download site.

Reeding Matter

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ADRS QLD Oboe and Bassoon Competition 2019
25 Aug 2019 01:05ADRS QLD Oboe and Bassoon Competition 2019

ADRS Qld 2019 Bassoon and Oboe Competition results are in! Click on the photos to zoom in. & [ ... ]

10 Apr 2019 11:44

Due to a production glitch certain errors appeared in the advertisement for Fox Bassoons Australia o [ ... ]

2019 Local Bocal 3
26 Mar 2019 22:00

An update of local Double Reed events & news from the ADRSSA. Please let us know if you  [ ... ]

Matthew Ventura - Qld Representative
10 Mar 2019 00:55Matthew Ventura - Qld Representative

Matthew began learning bassoon at age 15, becoming the only bassoonist in his rural hometown of Coom [ ... ]

Charles Klein - SA Representative
21 Nov 2018 08:38Charles Klein - SA Representative

Charles was 22 when he decided to make music performance a big part of his life. A violin came  [ ... ]

The View From the First Chair
14 Nov 2018 07:37

The View from the First Chair - On Contract as Guest Principal A blog by Rachel Bullen   An  [ ... ]

Granada Special Edition Reeding Matter
25 Oct 2018 21:28Granada Special Edition Reeding Matter

The Granada Special Edition of Reeding Matter is now online and availalbe to everyone, not just ADRS [ ... ]

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